Dental Nursing Career

Looking for a new career is always challenging. There is a lot to take into consideration before moving forward. Lately, there has been an increased interest in the health care industry, particularly dental nursing. A dental nurse is responsible for providing chairside support to a dentist. It is a legal requirement in the UK to have a dental nurse whilst the dentist is performing the dental treatment. Dental nursing is a sought career choice as people don’t need any academic qualifications to start the course therefore, it is an easy first step in the healthcare sector. After the course completion there are many training opportunities for dental nurses allowing them to grow and keep on learning to achieve higher qualifications. If a student really loves working in a dental clinic, then they can aim to become a dentist or a practice manager.

NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing

NEBDN qualification is a well-known organisation in the UK. Students who enrol in the NEBDN National Diploma will go through an extensive 11 module syllabus, taking 12-18 months to complete so they can demonstrate the highest standards, skills, and professional attributes when the time comes to work in a clinic and take the examination. The skills that student will gain upon completion of the qualification are within the extensive curriculum in accordance and compliance with the GDC.

Studying Online

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people seem to be much more interested in studying online. There were many people who lost their jobs during the pandemic, but at the same time this opened the doors for them to explore different career paths. One of which is a dental nurse course online by Dental Tutors. Studying their online course is completely flexible. Students can learn whenever it is convenient for them. They can watch the recordings or learn from the text material. Dental Tutors also provide animated videos, made by their inhouse visual effects team. Course provider also helps students to find a paid work placement, meaning students can pay for their course while they are studying. 

Work experience

People who join the dental nursing courses are required to work as trainee dental nurses, as they must complete the practical assignments called the Records of Experience and their dentist must sign after each assignment. During the course, students will learn many aspects of dentistry. They will be able to understand human anatomy, teeth anatomy, microbiology, diseases and much more by the time they complete the course.

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