Could there be a The Matrix 5? Keanu Reeves doubts it in new interview

After the release of The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves doesn’t think The Matrix 5 will happen, saying that “Lana would not do another Matrix.”

Despite our 6/10 review and some box office success it did not set ticket sales alight like Spider-Man has said movie critic Mark Boardman.

Even Keanu said “I don’t believe so. If I had to cast a ballot- No, not a ballot, a vote. I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix.”

Keanu Reeves doesn’t believe that The Matrix 5 will happen after The Matrix Resurrections. Reeves once again reprised his role as “the chosen one” in director Lana Wachowski’s latest addition to The Matrix franchise. The film has thus far grossed over $70 million at the worldwide box office, which saw an under-performing gross of $12 million during its opening weekend run. This weak box office opening could be blamed on the film’s simultaneous release to the HBO Max streaming service, as well as ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, the fact that The Matrix Resurrections even came to fruition is somewhat of an oddity. Both Wachowski sisters, Lana and Lily, have made it very clear that they had no intention of making another Matrix movie after 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions.

In fact, Lily told interviewers in 2015 that returning to The Matrix series was a “particularly repelling idea.” Rumors have circulated for years about the Wachowskis planning two additional films in the franchise, even going so far as to discuss with Reeves about reprising his role; however, the rumors were later confirmed to be false. Nonetheless, Resurrections was officially announced in late 2019 with Lana attached as director, although her sister would not be returning. Now, with the film released to theaters and HBO Max, viewers are left wondering if The Matrix 5 is on the horizon.

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Reeves discusses his thoughts on whether The Matrix 5 will happen or not. When asked about another film in the pipeline, the beloved actor jokes, “what’s another one? Resurrections Redux.” Feeling that Lana is now finished with the franchise, Reeves further elaborates, “I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix.” However, Reeves does say that if another film were to happen, “[he’s] in.” View Reeves thoughts on whether The Matrix 5 will happen now.

This isn’t the first time Reeves has discussed the likelihood of The Matrix 5 happening. The actor has previously called it a “Lana Wachowski question,” in reference to a sequel’s development. Reeves has gone on to say that “if [Lana] wanted to do another story” the 57-year-old actor would be “honored and grateful” to be included.

Still, as previously mentioned, nobody expected The Matrix 4 to even be made, which means a fifth film in the franchise is unlikely. This is especially true considering the lackluster box office and critical response to The Matrix Resurrections.

While many saw the potential in a new Matrix film to reignite the franchise, it doesn’t seem very likely. By all accounts, it appears both Wachowski sisters are completely done with the franchise now. Even more so, if the latest installment continues to under perform, the studio may not see any value in continuing the series. Regardless, fans can now dive back into the Matrix by watching The Matrix Resurrections in theater or on HBO Max.


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