8 Popular Name Search Reasons

If you locate a company that does background checks, you might use that information in all kinds of different ways. For instance, you might find out about someone if you are thinking about hiring them for a position within your company. You could also learn about someone if you are dating them, but you want to know more about their past than they seem willing to reveal.

However, you can also find out from those companies what names people search for more than others. That’s potentially useful information as well. We’ll talk about reasons why you might want to know about or do popular name searches right now.

You Can Find Out Whether Someone Has a Shady Past

Trending popular name searches can reveal whether someone might have some criminal behavior in their background. If you see that many people or entities have searched for a particular person recently, that could indicate that individual has been doing something illegal or unethical.

If you see that many individuals and entities have searched for the same person, maybe law enforcement agencies could be among the searchers. You do not know that for a fact, but someone who’s trending might have done something wrong or at least suspicious.

If you’re an employer and do a trending name search, you might see that someone has been pretty popular lately, and maybe not for good reasons. If you do a background check on this person as well, that could alleviate your suspicions, but it could also confirm them.

A trending name search and background check combination can reveal more about a person than a background check alone. If you know or suspect that entities are investigating someone, you may choose not to hire them.

You Can Find Out Companies Are Seeking That Person

Say you are a business owner or hiring manager. You’re interviewing someone, and you can also do a trending name search about them to find out if other companies have done the same. That could 

mean this person has a skill set that your competitors want.

If you see that a person you’ve interviewed trended recently, you may have a bidding war on your hands. You might have to pay attention to that person because they’re a stronger candidate than you realized.

You might have to give their resume a close look and call them back for a second interview. If you know that competing companies want this person, you might choose to hire them before another business entity swoops in and gets them. You might have to offer them a higher base salary and better benefits, but it might be the right move if it gets you a valuable team member and thwarts some competitors.

You Can Find Out if Anyone’s Stalking You

You might also do a trending name search about yourself. That may seem self-centered, but it’s potentially more useful than you might realize.

If you see your name trending, that could mean that someone’s looking for you who you would prefer never finds you. Maybe that’s an ex who got physical with you or abused you psychologically. Perhaps you thought you’d purged them from your life, but maybe what you find out will prove otherwise.

Your name might trend for a bad reason if you suspect it means someone’s hunting for you and you’d prefer to stay hidden. You may have to install cameras, move to a different state or city, or take other actions to keep yourself safe.

Finding you’ve trended recently might not mean something so dangerous, but it’s hard to tell. At the very least, it’s useful information you’ll want to know.

You Can Find Out Whether You’re Establishing Yourself

If you’re an influencer or an aspiring one, popularity is how you make your money. You want as many people to know about you as possible. You can do that through social media activity and other means. You might need to stage publicity stunts or date someone famous.

Since fame can equal money in the modern era, you want to find out when and if you trend. You can do that when you contact a background check company that also does name trend searches.

If you see that you trended on a certain day or during a particular month, you’ll know you’re getting the visibility you want. You can continue doing whatever activity brings your name into the public eye.

If you find that no one looks for your name, you’ll know you must redouble your efforts. You can always look up your name again later to see if you’re doing any better a few weeks or months down the line.

You Can Find Out Whether a Client’s Trending

Anyone can call themselves an influencer if they just start creating social media content and posting it. You’re only doing the job correctly if you get a ton of likes, follows, comments, retweets, etc.

However, you don’t need to take on the influencer moniker to make money through social media. You can also represent or discover influencers as a talent scout.

As a talent scout, you’re always on social media, trying to spot the next trend. Whether that’s a 13-year-old musical prodigy, an adorable Corgi, or a rapping grandma, you need to identify the next big thing and promote it.

Once you start promoting someone, you’ll want to know if you’re getting the market penetration for them that means money for you. You can collect a percentage when they strike it rich. They might give you ten percent, or twenty, or even more.

You can find out how well your new signing does by tracking them with trending name searches. You may use this service often to see whether your client’s strategy works or whether you need to identify a new one for them.

If you see a client’s name trend on a particular day, you’ll know they’re about to make some money, and so will you. You can potentially represent many different influencers and other clients if you don’t spread yourself too thin finding opportunities for them.

You Can Find Out About Your Name Trending as an Ego Boost

You might also look for your name using a trend search if you’re a known commodity and you’re trying to gain additional fame. Think about tech millionaires and billionaires like Elon Musk or Jeff Zuckerberg. They know they’re in the news a lot, but they like it when they’re even more visible than normal.

You can use a trending name search to see whether your antics get the attention you want. Maybe you decide to launch a new product or announce a new service. You feel like you’ll get Silicon Valley’s attention with what you’re about to say, but you’re not sure you accomplished that goal.

You can check whether your name trended and how many people searched for it recently. If you see that your name trends consistently, you’ll know the public’s thinking about you. You could want that just as much as material gains.

You Can Come Up with a Name for a New Arrival

Maybe you just had a baby, or you’ll have one soon. You can always look at baby name books, but perhaps you want to come up with one that’s trending.

You can use a popular name search to see what names get the most attention during a year, month, week, or even a single day. Name trends come and go, and sometimes very quickly. You might want to give your new arrival a popular name that matches the current ethos.

Names mean a lot, and you might want your child to have the perfect one. If you look at trending names, you can come up with some ideas if you don’t like any that your relatives suggest or a Google search reveals.

You Can See What Names Trended in the Past

If you’re trying to remember what made a particular era special, you might also use a trending name search for that. You might go back a few years and see what names trended. When you do so, you can remember why that person made headlines.

It’s a way to mark time’s passage. If the years seem to run together, as they do when you age, you can use the name trend search like a time machine that reveals what happened during a particular year. You might see what names trended on your birthday, for instance, or the same year you married your partner.

Whether you’re searching for your name or someone else’s, you should know that the technology exists now to reveal what names came up in searches during any designated time. You can use that information in all kinds of ways, but this technology’s precision and accuracy only get better as time passes.

You can have fun with this tool or use it for practical matters. Just contact a background check company with this tech and specify what date you’d like to target.

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