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Film premiere newswhere can you find the latest film premiere news? The answer is offcourse. For the ten’s of thousand’s of people who view our red carpet content each month from upcoming premieres to watching our interviews in youtube – we thank you, our brand has been at the forefront for film premieres for nearly twenty years with the latest premiere dates, news of talent attending, film premiere ticket infomation, vip access to film premiere tickets including afterparty and all things red carpet and claims the top spots for all things London film premiere.

From action and horror to drama and romance movies and more, event organisers and movie promoters have been hosting premieres since when the first film premiere took place in leicester square many decades ago. Here are some film premiere tips. The Odeon Leicester Square has always been the ‘flagship’ cinema in the capital and was built on the site of the Alhambra Theatre (1883-1936). Designed by architects Harry Weedon and Andrew Mather, the Odeon opened for business on 2nd November 1937. The premiere of HAMLET (1948) at the Odeon, Leicester Square. This was the first time that the King and Queen had attended a film premiere when the film was not a Command Performance.

Everyone and I mean the biggest stars have walked the red carpet from Elton John, The Rolling Stonesm to Marliyn Monroe, The Beatles, David Beckham, The Queen to Justin Bieber, J.K Rowling to Britney Spears!

Leicester square remains the destination of the larger films with royal albert hall being the current go to venue for the blockbuster events like ‘No Time To Die’ where MarkMeets were selected as the only official partners to host the online stream alongside the venue it’s self back in October 2021.

Live like a VIP and explore the hottest film premiere news right here on MarkMeets Movies.

Film premiere tickets

Film premiere tickets are sought after and just where can you get tickets for the upcoming Movie Premieres in London and Hollywood .

Tickets to the film premieres are by invitation only

Whilst there many protocols in place when it comes to public access on the red carpet, we cover who attends and how to access film premiere tickets.

For non-ticket holders, fans can watch behind the barriers and catch a glimpse of the stars.

How to get free tickets a premiere screening? There are many competitions online, we love Twitter for this as it’s easy to search. We do regularly run competitions too! View our latest film premiere posts

From the very latest film premiere dates,

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We post regular updates on the latest confirmed news at red carpet events in the UK though it does tend to be London speciifially as the talent attend (The main cast) will be doing interviews throughout the day across numerous outlets from online, print press, radio and TV so we sure to follow our blogs for news straight to your inbox. We are the longest serving site for premiere news and tickets online.

Attending a premieres

Many of you would have attend multiple film premieres over the years and will know. More seasoned goers will know where to stand and what to do for the best chance of success, whether your goal is to:

  • Meet a celebrity
  • Grab a selfie with the star
  • Get that elusive autograph or signed photo if you collect autographs or are a autotograph collector.
  • Ask a question

We always recommend you dress appropriately IE wear warm clothing / hood in the cold and west. not an umbrella as it can spoil the occassion for others. It is even know for Fans Camp Out In Leicester Square At London Film Premieres.

If you have not yet attended one then see this piece we wrote about What happens at a London Film Premiere.

Whatsmore if you want to write a report on a film or movie premiere so get in touch!

We would love to hear your celebrity encouters. Contact us.

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