How to Bet on Online Slots with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency gambling is no longer a new industry, and yet thousands of players are only just starting to bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Nervous players have understandably wanted to wait until the industry was established before taking the plunge. Now that it is, what can you expect to bet on with cryptocurrencies? Can you bet on slots with Bitcoin? Join us as we explain how betting on slots with cryptocurrencies works at top sites like Casino.

First Deposit Using Cryptocurrencies

The first thing you must do before you can bet is to deposit using cryptocurrencies. Top sites like will already feature a wealth of different crypto options at your disposal. After finding the one that ticks your boxes, deposit by processing a payment through your payment service, as you would if you were to buy something, and be sure to use the casino’s crypto wallet for your destination.

Crypto-Friendly Casino Games

After depositing, one of two things will happen – either the games at your casino will be crypto-friendly, or they won’t. If the online casino has games that feature cryptocurrency stakes, then you can start betting straight away. Just open the slot game you wish to play and start betting to wager on those games today.

What If They Aren’t Crypto-Friendly?

What if the slots at online casinos aren’t crypto-friendly? This sounds like it would be a bit of a dilemma – you have deposited with BTC, and now you can’t use it to bet. However, that’s not exactly true – you can. The online casino will normally convert your cryptocurrency deposit into a FIAT currency (often US dollars) for gameplay. This isn’t ideal, but it does mean that you can still bet. Your USD currency will then be converted back into cryptocurrency if you wish to withdraw your winnings.

Watch Out for Those Exchange Rates

Some online casinos rather naughtily add their own exchange rates when they convert your crypto deposit into FIAT, and they can bite. Moreover, some even offer you sub-par exchange rates. For this reason, we don’t recommend playing at casinos that don’t actively allow you to wager on games with cryptocurrencies. A good way to tell if you can do this is to check the bonus situation or the gaming libraries. Sites that support crypto-friendly games will usually have dedicated crypto slots kept separate from the rest and will support bonuses and promos that can be claimed in BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Can I Win Progressive Jackpots with Crypto Stakes?

It is very much possible to win progressive jackpots with crypto stakes. However, the games and, thus, the jackpots you can win can vary from casino to casino. For instance, not all permit crypto players to try their hand at games like Mega Moolah. Some may have dedicated crypto jackpot slots. There are all sorts of jackpot options out there, though, so don’t hesitate to look around to find something that suits you.

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