How Celebrating Employees Can Help Grow A Business

Celebrating employees in this day and age is important. It’s a great way to help inspire and motivate employees, whether they’ve been in the company for just a few months to decades.

Growing a business involves the success of employees within the workplace. From the achievements, they make within their own role, and within the department, it can all impact the general success of the business.

Not only that but employees are certainly crucial to a business both surviving and thriving through its lifetime. How can a business start or improve upon celebrating those employees in a business?

The benefits of employee appreciation 

Before diving into the how, what are the benefits that come with employee appreciation? If anything, it’s a way of showing others that hard work can go a long way and have its rewards.

It can make employees feel valued and recognized within the company. For some businesses, getting any form of company recognition can be difficult when there are dozens or even hundreds of staff within the workforce. This is made even more difficult when a business is globally recognized.

A recent survey conducted found that employee recognition was one of the most important contributions to a job, to 37% of the employees surveyed. While this isn’t a huge amount, it still shows that recognition means a lot to employees, even if it’s not the most important.

The benefits of employee appreciation are endless both for the employee personally and the business overall.

7 ways celebrating employees help grow a business

If a business hasn’t been paying much attention to employee appreciation, it’s understandable. With the pandemic and post-pandemic times, many businesses have simply been trying to recover from the losses and get back on track.

However, it’s time to start prioritizing those employees that have been responsible for ensuring the survival of the company during those tough times. Here are several ways that celebrating employees, can be helpful in growing a business

1. Recognition can help instill trust and loyalty in the employee.

Employees need to feel like they’re being valued within the business that they work in. At times, it can often feel, especially in big corporations, that an employee is simply another number.

Recognizing employees for their contributions and hard work to the company can give employees great satisfaction. Not only does that recognition instill trust into the employee that the company has their back but loyalty.

Celebrating those employee milestones is essential and any staff member who receives that praise is going to greatly admire the business for doing so. It’s likely to show a real change in the relationships that a business has with its employees. It’s a great way of strengthening the relationship in the long run. 

2. It helps with team building and keeping everyone connected.

With recognition, comes a special connection. It helps with team building, especially when that recognition has been recognized by the peers themselves. Having a peer recognition system in place the business operates, is helpful for those within the departments, to nominate their colleagues for various rewards and accolades.

Team members who are openly supporting and celebrating the hard work of their peers are something that can do wonders for communication. It also helps build stronger, working relationships between staff members. In this case, it’s often recognition that isn’t restricted to those in senior positions – it’s for everyone!

When it comes to team building, it can help keep everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, so recognition is just one of the ways to do so. It’s also something that the business doesn’t need to organize fully and can be a project that employees have more control over. These further benefit employees as a whole.

3. Improves morale and productivity.

Celebrating employees is important because it can help improve the morale that has likely been lacking in recent times.

Through times of hardship, it can be hard to pull oneself out of the slump that one may be in. For employees, having a bad week, month or year can often be relieved when receiving this recognition.

A bonus or small financial act of kindness through employee recognition can switch up the way an employee is feeling at that moment. 

As a business, employee productivity is important and when morale is low, so is productivity. It’s necessary to think about other ways productivity can be improved upon as it all helps towards the company’s success.There are some great benefits that businesses can provide to those that are needing this reward in a time of need.

1. Helps provide career progression which retains employees.

With any recognition, it can often be a massive inspirational opportunity for employees that may have been looking elsewhere.

For career progression, many employees want to climb the ladder of the company they’re in. Granted, not all businesses can offer the same degree of support as others can. There may be opportunities that are simply not available due to the position they’re after, which is already taken by someone who has years before they leave or retire.

However, recognition can be great to help keep employees motivated and inspired to work harder to get where they need to be within the organization. For those that may have been thinking of looking elsewhere, it might just be that nudge back they need to stick with the company for longer than planned!

2. Inspires others to work harder.

When employees see other colleagues being recognized for their work efforts, it inspires them to want the same thing.

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