Alex Turner “Success doesn’t come from awards”

Alex Turner insists success in the music industry does not come from winning awards.

MUSIC NEWS – The Arctic Monkeys frontman, who admitted the band’s BRIT Awards this year for Best Group and Best Album for ‘AM’ didn’t mean much to him, claims he was just being honest.

Alex Turner: Success doesn't come from awards | UK Music News |
He said: ”I don’t step up to accept a trophy for a race I didn’t know I was running and act as thought it’s something I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little boy, because it’s not the truth.

”If that is the truth for you, fine, but it’s not ever been about that – I think any sort of victory in this trek comes with the conception of a song or an idea, not with a trophy or a pat on the back.”

Alex’s improvised acceptance speech at the BRITs, in which he claimed ”rock ‘n’ roll will never die”, was frowned upon by some critics but guitarist Jamie Cook claims attitude is all part of being in the industry but it can only take an artist so far.

Drummer Matt Helders explained: ”People can have a rock ‘n’ roll attitude and never be in a band. You can dress like that.”

Alex added: ”It’s easier to say what it isn’t. A haircut or a belt buckle. It doesn’t even occur to some people that there is a rock ‘n’ roll – so, me saying that might give someone an idea. It’s a beacon in your peripheral vision. You can’t draw someone a map to it.”

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