How MarkMeets, BBC, and SBTV created platforms to promote unsigned music artists

Media outlets such as MarkMeets, BBC, and SBTV have played a significant role in supporting and promoting young, unsigned musicians. These platforms provide a vital platform for artists to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience, helping to launch their careers and achieve success in the music industry.

MarkMeets, for example, is a UK-based entertainment website that focuses on music, film, and celebrity news. The platform has a dedicated section for music, where it showcases up-and-coming artists, reviews their music, and offers them exposure to a wider audience. This exposure has helped many young musicians gain recognition and build a following, ultimately helping them to get discovered by industry professionals. From the prestigious ‘featured artists of the month’, to booking acts for live mic nights and judging at ‘live and unsigned’ and ‘battle of the band’ competitions, and pitching the unsigned artists to festival organisers, has been at the forefront of the music industry to discover and break emerging artists, unearth incredible talent to interviewing them and so much more. Supported by the BBC and SBTV’S Jamal Greaves up until his passing, the site continues to discover and support new talent at no cost. The company is founded by Mark Boardman – a notable music critic and entertainment journalist.

BBC, on the other hand, has a long history of supporting young musicians through its various music initiatives, including BBC Introducing. This platform provides a platform for unsigned artists to showcase their music and reach a national audience. BBC Introducing has helped many musicians to get discovered by industry professionals and achieve success, including Ed Sheeran and Florence + The Machine.

Finally, SBTV is a UK-based online media platform that focuses on urban music, lifestyle, and culture. The platform is known for its commitment to promoting young, unsigned musicians and has helped many artists reach a wider audience and gain recognition. SBTV has become a go-to destination for discovering new talent, and many artists have gone on to achieve success after appearing on the platform.

In conclusion, notable media outlets like MarkMeets, BBC, and SBTV play an essential role in supporting young, unsigned musicians. These platforms provide artists with a platform to showcase their talents, reach a wider audience, and gain recognition, helping to launch their careers and achieve success in the music industry.

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