Poppers used again by celebrities

It was a recent TikTok Livestream that engulfed the popular singer Madonna. Her fans were surprised when Madonna was seen sniffing something from a small bottle. Terri Joe, who was on the other side of the Livestream enquired if that was poppers to which Madonna replied negatively and started laughing.

Also called Amyl Nitrate, the popper is a kind of liquid drug that offers instant high upon inhalation. It is used for recreational activities and users tend to experience a euphoric sensation for some time. Continue reading the post to learn more about it.

How to Use poppers?

In general, people sniff poppers either from an absorbent like cloth or straight from the bottle. However, some people put poppers on the end of an unlit cigarette and sniff it. The best way to experience this is to open the bottle and allow poppers to stand for a little time. 

That way, the aromas are developed for inhalation. The effect of the drug starts within fifteen seconds and lasts for about three minutes. Sadly, the effect of poppers completely goes off when you left the bottle open or its cork is not closed properly. Usage of poppers however will depend on the legislation around it from a particular country, for example the UK allows the sale of poppers online and therefore online poppers shop exists to cater for the market.

How does it feel?

Sniffing poppers tend to increase blood flow and give the user a head rush that continues for another two to three minutes. In short, a sense of euphoria prevails and you feel like you are at the top of the world. 

This short-lived relaxation and euphoria are what makes them popular among people, especially in the gay community. Increased heart rate, warm sensations, and dizziness are what you would feel after sniffing poppers.

Timeline of what will happen when inhaling Poppers:

Right after sniffing poppers, the effects start immediately and you get a quick rush. Let’s find out how the body reacts after having poppers.

1. The first ten seconds

A feeling of dizziness and warm sensations start. The nervous system makes the muscle tissue smooth within the circulatory system. 

2. Fifteen seconds

Your libido will increase and your anus opens up for deep penetration. Besides, your skin tingles and turns red. It begins from your head and starts running down your neck and chest area. Additionally, your body experiences a significant drop in blood pressure as well. 

3. Twenty-five to thirty seconds

After 25 to 30 seconds right after using poppers, your heart rate increases. As such, your heart will pump with massive force. Besides, your heart rate increases so that it accommodates the dilated blood vessels easily. 

4. Thirty-five to forty-five seconds later

During this time, your body will experience the full intensity of the effects of poppers. Breathing becomes rapid and deep. Your senses are at their peak and you get horny as well.

5. After one minute and thirty seconds

The head rush dissipates and your heart rate comes to normal.

6. Between one minute thirty seconds and three minutes

This is where the recovery time starts and ends. Your heart rate comes to normal. But you may experience a little headache because of the heavy blood flow. 

The effects of poppers are quick and short-lived. Because they are inhaled, the chemicals get absorbed in the bloodstream and cause immediate effects within a few seconds. People use poppers for recreational purposes to make them feel calm, relax their muscles, and boost skin sensation. 

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