Revision, Notes Preparation, Studytips ad the Benefits studying through NCERT for Class 11 Maths

The National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) books are the ‘Bible’ for CBSE students. These books lay a firm educational foundation. They are the ‘heart and soul’ of the Board examinations. Every student who aims to clear the exam with flying colors must read these books thoroughly. Instead of thinking about the reference books and getting confused about which to be referred to and which not they can just think about NCERT and start their preparation.

The following reasons will help you understand the importance of NCERT books while preparing for CBSE Board Examinations- 

NCERT Books are CBSE-prescribed

NCERT books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum. It is the primary and most important source for Board exam preparation. Students can rely on these completely and prepare and practice giving them the confidence and the conceptual knowledge thoroughly.

CBSE Board questions are asked directly from NCERT Books

All the questions asked in the Board exams are either directly picked or based on NCERT book concepts. Students who revise these books multiple times and practice NCERT-based mock tests can easily ace Board exams. If students are thorough with NCERT then there is nothing to worry about and go ahead confidently for the exam.

Easy to understand

The language used in NCERT books is engaging and easy to read. They explain even the most complex concepts simplistically. The easy steps will help the students to understand very systematically. Students following these steps will definitely be able to score well and also reduce their mistakes which often happens when students skip the step.

Helps in clearing the Basic concepts

What sets NCERT books apart from other books is that it covers only the most important, basic, and relevant concepts. These books bring better clarity and understanding to students. The concepts from each chapter are clear so that the students don’t get into any kind of doubts in their minds. Even the minute things have been taken care of very well.

Better than other Reference books

NCERT books alone can make students well equipped and fully prepared for the Boards. They need not rely on any other reference books from an examination point of view. NCERT books cover every single topic without missing out on any crucial detail. Students should not go and refer to too many reference books as they will not help but can create lots of confusion. So going through NCERT and practising accurately will help students for appropriate preparation and also the concepts that they learn will be very useful in class 12 and the competitive exams.

Saves a lot of time during exam preparation

Students do not have to waste their precious time looking out for sources to study from. NCERT books fulfill any and every examination requirement of CBSE Board aspirants. The answers to all the exercise questions and the practice exercises given in the book will help the students to a vast extent in preparation. Students just need to concentrate on their practice. The rest is taken by NCERT. The NCERT aims to help and make it easy for students.

Best books for Revision

The precise and crisp nature of NCERT books helps students to save time during revision. They make it possible for students to revise all the topics multiple times before sitting for the final examination. 

Helps to score well in Board exams

NCERT Books simplify the learning experience of students and help them to score well in the final examination. The back exercises and questions at the end of every chapter help students to study from an examination point of view. 

Best Quality Books 

NCERT books are written by a team of well-educated and experienced scholars. These books are the most credible, authentic, and error-free sources for students preparing for Board exams. 

Highly Recommended by all Toppers 

All the students who perform exceptionally well in the Board exams rely heavily on NCERT books. In almost every interview or talk, they emphasize the importance of studying thoroughly from NCERT books. This gives you the revision of all chapters in a shorter period. Students will have time to revise and lar the last-minute doubts in a precise and comprehensive way.

These were some of the many benefits of studying NCERT Books for CBSE Board aspirants. You will never regret studying from NCERT books. They are also highly important for several competitive and entrance-level examinations. They make you a well-informed and well-read person by strengthening your general knowledge. Thus, studying NCERT books never goes in vain. 

General Study tips to follow.

  1. Make an appropriate study plan and most importantly you have to follow it regularly.
  2. Specify the topics to be covered for each day.
  3. Take Breaks in between the studies which help you to get motivated.
  4. The most important thing to remember is to stay focused.
  5. Learn with a proper understanding of the concepts.
  6. Practice as much as possible.
  7. learn the formulas thoroughly and also the derivation to be learned.
  8. Practice theorems at least twice or thrice.
  9. Once you complete the syllabus then practice solving the previous years’ question paper. This will help you to enhance your speed and also manage your time. Time management skills are very important at the time of exams.
  10. You can also evaluate yourself after the completion of each chapter by taking mock tests.

Revision tips to follow.

When the exam date is nearing you have to utilize the time n the best possible way. This is the time to go through your notes. 

Revising the topics is very important, especially the formulas and theorems. Go through the topics and see if anything which has to be solved or any clarity you require.

Don’t learn anything new when exams are near. You just have to brush up on whatever you have learned all these days.

Go through the chapters and the topics you cannot do all the problems. But you can pick up the few problems from each chapter and start solving them.

Follow the steps while solving the problems.

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