GTA 6 leak: Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg coming to the game rumours

GTA 6 may not have been officially announced yet, but now we know the game is set to feature Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The leak comes from a reputable source – Snoop Dogg himself. The rapper spilled the beans saying “I do know he’s making great fucking music,” said Snoop. “And some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out. So I think that that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game.”

GTA Trilogy is unlikely to be the GTA title Snoop Dogg is referring to as it hasn’t aired just yet, but Rolling Stone published the comments from the interview in anticipation of the episode.

Snoop has no qualms about sharing the news that both artists are making music for the game.

While he doesn’t outright name GTA 6, it’s unlikely that new music is headed to the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

He also mentioned that he’s involved with making music that’s connected to the game.

Neither Rockstar nor Dr. Dre has commented on this statement as of the time of this writing, so all we can really do is speculate about what Snoop Dogg is talking about (which is always a fun game to play). Thankfully, there’s no shortage of speculation out there.

Dr. Dre has collaborated with Rockstar before on GTA Online updates (he even made a cameo in the game), so it just makes sense that he has simply decided to contribute to the absurdly popular online game again.


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While one popular theory at the moment suggests that Dre could be giving Rockstar new music to use in the remasters to replace some of the original licensed tracks that have been lost over the years, it just seems unlikely that someone as big as Dre would debut new music in a video game remaster, no matter how big those remasters may be. That’s much more of a “live service game” move.

Finally, there’s the GTA 6 rumor. At the risk of disappointing those who are somewhat patiently waiting for GTA 6, I doubt that Snoop Dogg is talking about GTA 6. Even the most optimistic projections suggest that GTA 6 is still a few years away, so it just doesn’t make sense that an artist that big would be working on new music for a video game that likely won’t be released for a few more years (at the earliest).


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Having said that, I imagine that quite a few artists will want to contribute to GTA 6‘s soundtrack at some point. Rockstar has consistently shown that they’re very interested in getting musicians to contribute new tracks to GTA Online and being able to negotiate such deals may be preferable to trying to license a full collection of existing songs (at least in some cases).

It’s highly likely he will contribute something to that game’s soundtrack whenever it is eventually released.

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