Casino Etiquette and Tips

Casinos are more often confusing and intimidating for novice gamblers. They’re generally large, open rooms full of people who seemingly know what brought them there. If you’re visiting an offline casino for the first time, you may feel at sea.

Cameras hanging off the ceiling track your every action, and all the dealers, pit bosses, and security guards seem to be following suit. Worst of all, the room has no signs, memos, or guides to inform visitors about the code of conduct.

Fear not, though! Here are some helpful etiquette tips to keep in mind so you can have a smoother, more enjoyable casino trip. If you’ve only ever gambled at an online casino (like for one of their offers), you probably have no idea of what etiquette rules you should follow at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Know the Rules

Every casino player recalls visiting an offline casino for the first time and should be accordingly understanding of novice visitors. However, it pays to have a little bit of knowledge about casino rules. While slots are quite self-explanatory, it’s advisable to steer clear of the Craps table if you don’t understand its rules.

If you want to sharpen your skills before playing for real money, many casino operators offer free daytime lessons. Before you join a real game, make sure you’ve fully trained for it.

Dress Properly

While many casinos have a relaxed dress code, others don’t grant the same freedom. Based on which casino you visit, you may be required to have some nice slacks and a collared shirt on.

On the other hand, wearing jeans or sneakers may mean having to take a long commute back home. Before heading out to a casino, check with the management to find out if there’s a dress code you need to stick to.

Keep Your Phone Away

Staying off your phone is one of the basic rules of proper casino etiquette. Many casinos also don’t allow smartphones near slot machines or at tables. 

This is, of course, the most violated rule, especially at poker tables. But it’s awful etiquette to use your smartphone when you’re playing a table game. The worst violation of all is to take videos or photos, followed by picking up calls, and lastly, browsing and texting.

If you need to take a call, simply inform the dealer that you need to leave the table. And ensure that your phone is on silent mode–no one likes the annoying sound of a ringtone!

Mind Your Liquor

There’s a long-held myth that casino staff will encourage patrons to keep drinking so they gamble more carelessly. However, most reputable gambling operators would rather their customers stay sober enough to deal with the rollercoaster experience of jackpot wins and colossal losses.

Sipping a couple of cocktails can enrich your casino experience, for sure. But if you want to down a few pints, it’d be better to hit the pub instead. 

Never Solicit Advice from a Dealer

Of course, dealers are professionals at their job, but no dealer wants to take credit for your luck. Think about this from their perspective. While it may sound innocuous enough to ask for advice with your hand, there’s no way for dealers to know how you’ll react if you follow their advice and lose. 

Tip the Dealer

Although table games rely on skill, strategy, and luck, and the dealer has no influence on the result, there are a few unwritten rules about giving the dealer a tip. These people don’t earn much; they stay on their feet all day long and have to deal with rowdy, drunken gamblers.

When you step away from the table or score a big win, you should at least throw something their way. While dealers do not influence people’s hands, they can enhance your experience at the table by shielding you from people, chatting with you, and keeping you focused. 

Know Your Signals

Games such as poker and blackjack have hand signals, whether the card has been dealt face down or up. Some hand signals to keep in mind include:

  • If the cards face up, tapping the table is a signal for “Hit,” while waving your hand above the table indicates “Stick.” Placing your matching wager next to your original one and holding a finger up indicates “Double,” while repeating the same trick with two fingers means “Split.”
  • If the cards face down, scraping the table with your cards means “Hit,” while sliding your cards with one hand beneath your bet indicates “Stick.” For “Double,” lay your cards face up and place another wager next to your first one. For “Split,” place your wager near one of the cards on the table. 

Final Thoughts

Playing casino games is all about enjoying yourself and, hopefully, scoring a big win. Proper casino etiquette also entails respecting the environment, fellow players, and casino staff.

It’s essential to treat the casino floor and tables with respect. Dress properly, respect the dealers, and learn the rules of all table games. It’s also good to tip the dedicated croupiers. We wish you a happy gambling experience!

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