Don’t Expect to Be Valued by Others Until You Value Yourself First

Entrepreneurs are often so busy that no-one really know’s who they are or whay they do!

It’s not that they are scared to share their genius with the world but simply too busy and no time for all the PR.

They can either believe that someone will snag their style and mimic their brand. Or more often, they underestimate the real value behind their words, their knowledge and their experiences.

You each have something unique to offer the world. Your journey is different than everyone else’s and has allowed you to compile a set of distinct experiences and a perspective that is fresh. The world needs you to share your ideas and genius, because no one can do what you do or think like you think. But before anyone else will value you, you must value yourself.

No entrepreneur can really soar until they fully embrace their own power and allow the world to see their shine. For me, that was difficult to do. I didn’t always recognize how valuable my own insight could be to others. I thought the things I knew and the accomplishments I had were “ordinary” or “routine.” But you have to remember that although it’s routine for you, the things you know are anything but usual for other people around the world.

Stop downplaying your own worth. If you want other people to take you seriously and value you, you must first show them that you value yourself. As a business coach, I’ve watched many entrepreneurs hold back their ideas or not share their opinions, because they were afraid no one would view them as valuable. But the truth is, the things you do and the things you know, are priceless. By not sharing these golden nuggets, you are doing a disservice to the world and also to yourself.

What happens when you share your knowledge

Sharing your expertise helps you capitalize on your own strengths and realize your full potential. Each time you share your message, you get a clearer vision for your life and your brand. Inspiring and educating the people around you allows you to also sharpen your skillset.

If you are struggling with how to start sharing your expertise, my suggestion is to start talking about it on your social media. This can help you get your momentum moving in the right direction. Receiving positive feedback from your audience will help you realize your own worth and build up the confidence to share your expertise more freely and passionately, which will ultimately lead you to great connections and success.

You may not yet understand how your talents will enhance your life or business, and that’s okay. When I began to own my power, I didn’t quite know how it would all come together, either. I just knew I needed to share this knowledge in case it could help even one person. Believing in yourself is the first step toward achieving great success and slaying it in business and life.

One of the most memorable times I recognized how my expertise could positively impact others was around the middle of 2020. The pandemic was in full swing, and the world was shut down. It was a game-changer. My brick-and-mortar businesses were shut down, and I had no idea when I would get my them back or how the landscape would change once things reopened. That was a scary time!

To keep myself productive, I went into action mode and began applying for loans for my business. Even though I have a law degree, I was struggling to fully understand the loan requirements. While navigating the complex paperwork, I couldn’t help but think about other business owners trying to decipher all the legal language. If it was challenging for me, it would be near impossible for them. I decided to share my knowledge with the community and offer some assistance to fellow small business owners.

Helping others really lit me up! I thought I was simply being myself, but it turns out, other people thought my unique knowledge was powerful. Soon, I heard feedback from many people about how my strategies were priceless to them, and I began to recognize the value of my accomplishments up to that point.

While many business owners had a great deal of experience in their specific industries, my Wall Street background and legal degree gave me a unique perspective on business and insight that proved to be invaluable.

Value yourself, inspire others

You each have something great inside of you, but magic happens when you share it. Had I kept this knowledge to myself, I may not have recognized my own value, and those business owners would not have seen the benefit of my expertise.

Even more powerful is the way you will light up when you finally tap into your zone of genius. Your passion will ignite and then attract more people towards you and your brand. Others need to hear what you have to say. Your energy can influence them to succeed in ways they never thought were possible. By simply being you and standing in your power, you can inspire people with your knowledge and success stories.

Helping small business owners on their paths to growth made me the happiest I’ve ever been. I enjoy helping them share their passion with the world and getting them excited about life. I would have missed out on these opportunities to help others if I didn’t first help myself by sharing my own expertise with the world. Being vocal about the things I know and the lessons I learned through the years gave me the confidence to create new business opportunities for myself, write two best-selling books, and speak on stage in front of thousands of people. It all started with me valuing myself. You can accomplish your own big, amazing goals by sharing your unique genius.

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